When you think of the number 300.  You’re probably visualizing some really buff spartans.  Over at Eclectic Printing, we think of 300 dpi as the minimum resolution that artwork usually needs to be at to achieve great quality.  In this case, dpi means dots per inch.  That’s a lot of dots!  However, to ensure that the print of a design matches how it initially looked as a proof on a computer screen no matter of the monitor, although you could get some great gaming monitors from sites as Armchair Empire, it NEEDS, MUST, HAS to be 300.  Just thought you’d like to know.  Thanks for reading.  Have a Great Day!


It was fun Screen Printing this  jersey for The LOST BOYS basketball team.  I see that they had even more fun wearing em during their game.  I hope they score a million points wearing them.  Good Luck guys!



We want to wish our beloved team member, Jolie, and her husband a ginormous congratulations on their latest news! They’re having a baby BOY! Cheers to them and their amazing blessing! Crossing our fingers that he’s an Angels fan 😉 jkitsaboyblocks




When you think of embroidery, what image pops in your head?  Is it an old lady on a rocking chair weaving together a blanket?  If that’s the case, you might be thinking a little too deep in the past.  But you’re in luck, because stitching has come a long long way since Grandma’s days.  Embroidery has taken huge steps with high tech machines that could stitch with extreme precision.  For example, take a look at this embroidered rendition of the famous Mona Lisa painted by Leonardo Da Vinci:

Mona Lisa Embroidery

Given the vast amount of complexity it takes to paint such a masterpiece, it is still pretty awesome to account for the detail captured by an embroidery machine.  We at Eclectic Printing love helping people make their embroidery ideas come into fruition.  Maybe you just joined a basketball league recently and wanted to embroider a fresh logo onto your jersey.  We’d love to help make you look sharp on the court.  Just give us a call at (714)528-8040 to get started on your masterpiece.


We’re extremely happy!  I’m talkin’ Pharrell Happy.  Why?  Our very own Eclectic team member, Mallory, has tied the knot.  Mallory has been with Eclectic for a couple years now, and she’s been a huge contribution to Eclectic’s success thus far.  She’s been such a blessing to us and we want to wish her and her husband a lifetime of happiness, joy, and purple lights!

Eclectic Mallory Wedding


There’s only a few necessities when it comes to having a Happy 4th of July.  The most obvious is a thick & juicy fire-grilled hamburger.  The next essential key to a memorable fourth are an epic set of fireworks exploding in the sky.  But above all, it is imperative to be around family and friends to have an incredible Independence Day celebration.

Here at Eclectic Printing, we’re grateful to work amongst family and friends, and to serve our community by supplying quality printed t-shirts.  Check out our most recent 4th of July themed shirt presented by the City of Newport Beach Recreation and Senior Services Department.  It’s entitled 4th of July is for Families, it is the perfect thing to wear when you decide to get the best family tent and go camping on the 4th of July.  We hope everyone has a grand ol’ time at this year’s Newport Peninsula Bike Parade and Community Festival.

 Eclectic Printing Newport Beach 4th July Custom Royal ShirtEclectic Printing Newport Beach 4th July Custom Shirt


Tough Mudder Eclectic PrintingThere is almost a science to keeping a shirt looking pristine during the printing process.  One slight mistake of overlooking a paint splatter can cause a couple hundred shirts to have a green smudge on them.  While we at Eclectic embrace the necessity of keeping a shirt clean, it is ironic to work with clients that purposely want their shirt getting dirty.  Who are these exceptional dirt enthusiasts?  They are competitors in an extraordinary run known as the Tough Mudder.  The name pretty much says it all, it is a 10-12 mile obstacle course through mud, freezing ice, and electricity that is sure to get your adrenaline pumping.  Kudos to our friend Jim Borja and his team for being able to conquer this brutally awesome course.

Tough Mudder Eclectic Printing

“The shirts ROCKED!!!  My whole team loved them & they held up real good through the entire race.  Save the screen, we’ll be ordering more for our next race in 6 months.  You did a first class job & your employees were Awesome!”

-Jim Borja


Have you ever had a t-shirt design that looked amazing when you bought it, but after about 2 washes it looked like an 1800s mosaic painting?  The image was all cracked and started to peel, and probably even gave you a little buyers remorse.  This is a common outcome of poor quality control. There are certain heating and cooling temperatures that a shirt must be dried at in order to secure the perfect quality shirt.  Although drying online gaming a shirt is just one part of the screen printing process, it is a critical step in making sure the end-user looks amazing  in their new shirt.  We at Eclectic Printing pride ourselves in making sure quality comes first, so that you can wear that shirt forever and ever.
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bad quality screen print


bad quality screen print 3


bad quality screen print 2