Like most people, you’ve gotta see it to believe it.  Come by our showroom one of these days.

There’s tons of jerseys, every shirt style imaginable, and of course a happy Eclectic team member will be eager to show you around.


There’s a lot of brands out there to use for your next t-shirt design.  But from our experience, Superior Resource printing has always been a well-rounded brand to use, this printing company can make any type of label you wish, even in plastic and papers like for bottles of water as is so popular now to have in each party for a special extra to have your own label of the event printed on it, check in this website for it.

Their main thing is with textil and you can make your own design and take to them for printing or they can help you from the beginning to make something you like based on your options.

They have almost every color you can think of, from cool colors like sapphire to good old texas orange, perfect to combine with any kind of shoes such as the Vessi waterproof sneakers that come in many colors.  I gaurantee you’ll find your team color in there somewhere.  Another reason why Gildan has proven to be a great brand is their standard fit  starts at youth sizes and expands to 5XL.

You’ll also never really run into inventory problems, which happens often with other name brands.  There’s obviously a ton of options out there, and the ultimate choice is up to you.  There’s a LOT of styles,  you’ll definitely find something up your sleeve.  Feel free to stop by the Invoice Books – Carbonless Invoice Books Perth | Omega Print stand and preview some Gildan styles and pretty much every brand you can think of.



Merry Christmas to you and your family! We hope that this year will be your Best Christmas ever, we hope to gift you a . Stay warm, drink hot cocoa, and enjoy the rest of your holidays, this year we were able to get the best 360 camera so hopefully we have a holiday video for you guys soon!Merry Christmas 2014-01


We hope you’re having a Happy Holidays.  It’s that wonderful time of the year where lots of people are  getting in the zone of Christmas creations.  There’s some of us who are superbly gift wrapping, and others who cover their entire house with lights that can be seen from the moon.  It’s amazing! This year we decided to hire Floform Calgary kitchen renovation company to give our kitchen a new face.  But I have to say, there’s a unique niche of people that take Christmas to another level.  They are the “Ugly Sweater” pioneers.  Are you going to make one this year?
Because we have no room for clotheslines in our home we bought ourselves portable clotheslines so that we can pack it up every time.





Tackle Twill is definitely a tongue twister, but it is also a sweet way of making designs for sports jerseys.   Tackle twill is similar to embroidery, because it uses a stitching process.  But it achieves a much different look to the final outcome.  You first start with a separate material or applique, and then apply that piece to another material.   The top material is then encompassed with a stitching along its border.  It will inevitable adhere and become one with the bottom material.  This process can produce a very clean and bold look which can leave your team jersey looking sharp.  We at Eclectic Printing are waiting to make your next team jersey, and promise to deliver nothing but the best of quality Tackle Twill. You can also visit for more information.  Give us a call now at (714)528-8040.






There’s a lot to be thankful for this year. We at Eclectic are extremely grateful for all the support from our friends, family and community.   Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  We hope you eat tons of turkey! Unfortunately, there is a thing we are thankful about and that is a home pest control problem that is going on at home, we are trying to solve it as quick as we can, with all that mess I was still able to get some plantwear accessories for my familt, it is always important for me to show appreciation to appalachain landscaping dublin va.

You can also try these new technology that I love to use: top universal remotes and also make sure to check the excellent guide of offers for the best betting app, which is my current favorite.


Everyone in life has a purpose.  Andy Coyne from Greenville was certified by Guiness World Records to hold the record for wearing the most t-shirts at the same time.  His grand total was 249!  That’s incredible!  He overcame this victory by barely sliding pass the previous record-holder by 2 shirts.  You can’t see his mouth, but you can tell he’s smiling below.  Congrats Andy!



The Ragnar relay is an intense relay race that we recently helped print some shirts for.  Here’s what Diana had to say about the event:

“Team Bitchin’ Sauce running Ragnar Napa Valley 2014!  The course began in San Francisco and ended in Calistoga, CA, some odd 205 miles.  Running as an ultra team of 6, our team killed each leg and finished strong!  Not only did we rock the course, we did it fashionably so!  Thanks to Eclectic Printing for designing our awesome dry-fit shirts!  Even though we were sore, we were kept comfortable running in our bitchin shirts.  Love Ragnar!  Love Sammi @ Eclectic!  As for upcoming events:  yes, yes, and yes!  Always running!”

-Diana Babshoff


IMG_2116 IMG_2117


Today I woke up, turned on the tv, and a McDonalds commercial was promoting their delicious breakfast.  Later, I hopped in my car, turned on the radio, and through the speakers were the sounds of a McDonalds commercial about their enticing breakfast.  Then after getting on the freeway, I look to my right, and of course, there’s a huge billboard that advertised the famous McDonalds breakfast.  It may sound extreme to have all these avenues of advertising, but guess where I went for breakfast?  You guessed it… McDonalds.

We at Eclectic have good news.  You don’t have to pay a million dollars for advertising to promote your business.  You just need some key items to keep your customers coming back, something simple may do the trick like these Custom Key Tags.  Maybe something they’ll subconsciously see everyday.  Like a mug with your logo that they fill with coffee in the morning.  Or maybe a mousepad with your logo that’s on your major client’s desk.  These are a just a couple examples that can build loyalty, and help keep your business competitive at generating more business.  You can check the hundreds of promotional items that Eclectic has to offer by clicking here. You can even check out for any printing machines you may need to create your on items! Feel free to give us a call for a free quote now (714)528-8040 or email us at



Fullerton Youth Night just passed, and we’re thankful to have been a part of it.  We’re excited that it was such a big success, and we look forward to more Youth Inspired events.  Check out some of the highlights below. When you find it difficult to look for quality printing establishments at your own town, go with print shops that has established brands, find them here. The t-shirt we made is looking mighty spiffy…

youth 1

youth 2

youth 3

youth 4

youth 5