The Ragnar relay is an intense relay race that we recently helped print some shirts for.  Here’s what Diana had to say about the event:

“Team Bitchin’ Sauce running Ragnar Napa Valley 2014!  The course began in San Francisco and ended in Calistoga, CA, some odd 205 miles.  Running as an ultra team of 6, our team killed each leg and finished strong!  Not only did we rock the course, we did it fashionably so!  Thanks to Eclectic Printing for designing our awesome dry-fit shirts!  Even though we were sore, we were kept comfortable running in our bitchin shirts.  Love Ragnar!  Love Sammi @ Eclectic!  As for upcoming events:  yes, yes, and yes!  Always running!”

-Diana Babshoff


IMG_2116 IMG_2117